BDUSD Officials Say Most Important Upgrades Will Go Unseen

(Beaver Dam) School officials in Beaver Dam say some of the most important upgrades at the high school are in places very few people will ever see. Voters in the fall of 2016 approved a $49-million-dollar referendum to fund, among other things, a complete overhaul of the high school campus. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the new electrical and mechanical rooms are sometimes underappreciated but nonetheless a huge part of the upgrade. Outdated boilers were badly in need of replacement. He says the infrastructure is the nerve center of the campus and a huge part of why the referendum was so important. School officials and construction personnel recently walked local media through the high school campus. Senior Project Manager Michael Dietrich with general contractor CG Schmidt says early on in the design process, the systems that made the most sense from a square-footage standpoint were all evaluated. DiStefano says the new electrical and mechanical rooms will allow for greater efficiencies and savings. DiStefano says security measures are in place to prevent students and the public from accessing the electrical and mechanical rooms. He says there are electronic door controls and a very limited number of keys available. The electrical, heating and cooling, fire protection and plumbing portions of the high school overhaul account for $14.5-million dollars of the total project cost.