BDUSD Officials Looking Into Providing Childcare Access For Staff

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Unified School District is exploring the possibility of providing childcare access to its staff. District officials say childcare is very important, especially this last year, with the entire world still recovering from the coronavirus pandemic. Superintendent Mark DiStefano says the concept is still in the early stages. 

“So, what we’re doing right now is, we’re kind of in this assessment and planning for childcare opportunities to support our student staff and community,” says DiStefano.   

DiStefano says the idea is to start small and first address the school staff, but to eventually expand. He says this would be a (quote) “value add”. 

“As an employer, it’s a value add right?,” says DiStefano. “It’s a value add if your employer has childcare opportunities. If we can partner and make those opportunities very convenient, affordable, all those things. We see that as an opportunity for us.”     

DiStefano says that as an employer, they have an obligation to serve the community and keep as many people in Beaver Dam as possible.