BDUSD Honors Retired Staff

(Beaver Dam) The Beave Dam Unified School District recently honored their 2019-2020 retired staff and the 2020-2021 retiring staff. Recognition of last year’s retired staff was delayed due to the pandemic.  


Left picture 2019-2020 Retired Staff:   

Back Row L-R: Sandra Garbowicz David, Mary Kelroy-Skelton, Darcy Mosher, Gini Hankes  

Front Row L-R: Donna Pivonka, Diana Werth, Nannette Higgins, Jane Loizzo 

Not Pictured: Renee Alvin, Karen Beske, Mike Erdmann, Conchi Henke, Dawn Keller, Melissa McIntyre, 

Diana Pawlak-Skare 


Right picture 2020-2021 Retiring Staff: 

Back Row L-R: Sis Ulrikson, Barb Ruenger, Missy Nelson, Gail Tiedt, Julie Steil, Julie Giebel, Kathy Jeanes 

Front Row L-R: Lila Repinski, Anne Pearson, Laura Maron, Sue Biel, Donna Cigelske, Pam Pryme 

Not Pictured: Lisa Amport, Jody Lighty, Rick Morris, Deb Stange, Louise Vossekuil