BDUSD Focusing On Alcohol Abuse Prevention

10/6/11 – School officials in Beaver Dam are focusing on the dangers of underage drinking throughout the month of October. The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse estimates that 80% of high school students have tried alcohol. The District’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention Coordinator, Deb Lins, says everyday this month students will hear messages on the negative affects of alcohol, with an emphasis on the biological and neurological affects of consumption on those under the age of 21. The district also brought in the experts, including John Underwood of the American Athletic Institute in New York. Underwood trains Olympic athletes and major league baseball players about the benefits of healthy living, and recently shared that message with local middle and high school students. You can hear Craig Warmbold’s conversation with Underwood during our Community Comment program next Wednesday. He will talk about how alcohol alters brain chemistry, reduces immunities and negatively affects heart, lung and muscle performance. Underwood also recorded a series of Public Service Announcements that you can hear on WBEV beginning today.