BDUSD Continues To Work On Safety Drills

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam School District has been successful in its practice of safety drills this year but continues to find ways to improve the process. The school board recently approved the types of safety drills that will be practiced on a regular basis in the district. State statute directs school boards to annually review safety plans. The safety exercises include drills for fires, medical responses, missing students, administrative holds, drug searches and school violence-related lockdown. Director of Business Services Anne-Marie Malkovich says the lockdown drills took place between September and December, and all schools were required to participate. She says the administrators at the schools reported that things “went well,” most drills were completed in 15-to-20-minutes and all staff and students followed the established protocols. Malkovich noted as areas of improvement: making sure all students are out of sight from windows or doors that have windows and making sure that substitute teachers are up-to-speed on the protocols for the exercises.  As part of the drills, the district’s School Resource Officers work in tandem with school administrative teams and local city and county law enforcement agencies, including Dodge County Emergency Management, the Sheriff’s Office and the Beaver Dam Police and Fire departments.