BDUSD Approves Land Transfer To MPTC

3/14/17 – The Beaver Dam School Board Monday night approved a three-acre land transfer to Moraine Park Technical College to accommodate an expansion project. The land had been deeded to the city by the district years ago with the stipulation that if the city ever got rid of the land it would go back to the district. City council action last month deeded the land back to the school. Last night’s school board action cleared the way for Moraine Park to receive the land, minus a small segment that Superintendent Steve Vessey says is important to the high school. District-owned bleachers and batting cages sit on a couple hundred acres along Highway 151 and Burnett Street by the softball diamonds. The $2.3-million-dollar expansion is planned along the east side of their existing building for a new gas utility technician program. If all goes according to schedule, ground will be broken during the upcoming school year.  The new gas utility technician program will be offered beginning in 2019 and is expected to graduate around 20 students per year with a starting salary currently estimated at $54-thousand-dollars.