BDPFC Approves Job Description, Vehicle Policy

2/8/12 – The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission last night approved a job description for the department’s new administrative assistant. The hourly clerical position would handle paperwork duties for up to 20 hours a week but less than 1200 hours a year. The fire department used to split a clerical position with the police department but that position disappeared after dispatch consolidated with the county and Chief Alan Mannel says paperwork responsibilities have only increased in recent years. The PFC also signed-off on a policy for use of take-home vehicles by the fire chief and also the deputy fire chief, when available. The policy allows for occasional personal use of the city-owned vehicle within the fire district. Mannel says having top management in their take-home vehicle, even while off-duty, will result in a quicker response to an emergency situation; he says it’s like having an extra emergency responder on the beat.