BDPD’s Anthony Karel Named 2022 Officer Of The Year

(Beaver Dam) A member of the Beaver Dam Police Department was recently honored for their work in 2022. Officer Anthony Karel was named the 2022 Officer of the Year during the annual Dodge County Executive Law Enforcement Association awards banquet. Karel serves as a resource officer at the high school.

“This year, Officer Tony Karel received [the] Dodge County Law Enforcement Officer of the Year because of everything that he has done in his career,” says Beaver Dam Police Chief John Kreuziger. “Plus what he has done at the high school and all the relationships and connections he’s made with those kids.”

During a recent appearance on Community Comment, Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson says Karel has a great personality.

“He is a people person,” says Johnson. “He’s a wheeler-and-a-dealer too. He can sell a ketchup popsicle to a woman in white gloves. That guy…he’s got a persuasive personality and I think when he’s working with the kids he comes off as genuine and he really is. He really does want to build a relationship with the study body.”

Johnson says Karel will attend high school basketball games, goes to football games, and is there for after school activities.

“I know that kids and administrators and teachers can come up to him and ask him anything and he will help them out,” says Johnson.

Karel started his role as a resource officer at the high school last school year. The 23-year Beaver Dam Police Department veteran was also received the 2022 Dodge County Best Award for Officer of the Year.

Photo courtesy of the Beaver Dam Police Department Facebook page