BDPD Warns Of Dangers Of Social Hosting

(Beaver Dam) With the school year coming to a close, the Beaver Dam Police Department is taking the time to remind area parents about the consequences of social hosting and underage drinking. Police Sergeant Jeremiah Jonson says they keep a patrol on the lookout for telltale signs of potential underage drinking parties. 

Johnson says those signs could be as simple as a large number of cars congregated in one location or a house with all their lights on at an unusual time. While these signs do not always mean something illegal is happening, Johnson explains that patrol officers will still investigate. 

During a recent Community Comment, Johnson said that engaging in underage drinking is only one of the bad decisions being made by youth at these parties, and often extends to them getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. “People make bad decisions…” says Johnson, “…this is how crashes happen, this is how we lose lives, young lives, it’s just tragic.”  

Although officers are trained to spot underage drinking, the Sergeant says they also rely on residents reporting in when they see something out of the ordinary. Johnson says, If you see something, say something,” adding, it is kind of a buzz kill to ruin somebody’s party but you could be saving a life. Parents who provide alcohol to, or host underage drinking parties are subject to a fine of $1,326 dollars.