BDPD Warn Of “Yes” Phone Scam

2/13/17 – Beaver Dam police officers are warning the local community of a scam that is making headlines. The goal is to get the person on the receiving end to answer “yes” to a very simple question. Officer Erik Smedema says the scammer will call up and ask if you can hear them. If you say “yes” they have your voice as a verbal contract to make unwanted charges. The Better Business Bureau says about 50 people in northeast Wisconsin have been tricked. Officials say the scammers record the voices, and use them to show that the victims approved big ticket items the scammers bought. Bureau officials say those who are tricked should keep track of their credit card bills, bank statements, and online accounts — as well as their phone accounts. Among other things, the B-B-B encourages people to not answer calls from people they don’t know, with the assumption that they’ll leave messages if the callers are legitimate.