BDPD To Utilize “Point Of Last Drink” To Curb Alcohol Related Crimes

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department hopes a service available through a countywide program curbs alcohol related crimes. The “Point of Last Drink” analysis is tracked through the software called Spillman which is a records management system utilized by law enforcement agencies throughout the county. Police Chief John Kreuziger says the program seeks to identify locations were a person has last consumed alcohol before an alcohol related incident.

A report is generated for each alcohol related offense and a police department clerk enters that data into the Spillman software. Kreuziger says two groups have recommended utilizing this program, the National Transportation Board and Blue Zones.

Kreuziger says “Point of Last Drink” will not be used as tool to revoke area establishment’s liquor licenses. He says it will only be used as a way to raise awareness, educate and highlight problem trends that law enforcement can bring to the attention of local taverns.

Kreuziger says his department is still in the early stages of collecting the data.