BDPD Talks Gas-Powered Scooters And Souped-Up Bikes

(Beaver Dam) Officers with the Beaver Dam Police Department say that they have and will stop cyclists operating unlicensed, gas-powered scooters and souped-up bicycles on city streets. Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says that state statute and local ordinances can be a bit complicated regarding these modes of transportation.

Johnson says that if the bicycle contains any sort of internal combustion engine, it then becomes classified as a moped.  The self-propelled bicycle must then meet state-imposed safety standards before being registered and licensed to operate on state roadways. Electric bicycles or E-Bikes, however, can operate on city streets and do not require DMV registration.

Johnson fielded a question on WBEV’s Community Comment about drinking and the use of mopeds, E-Bikes, and other similar vehicles. Johnson said he and other officers would likely still see it as operating a vehicle while under the influence.

Johnson recommends doing your research on motorized bikes and scooters, buying only from reputable dealers, and checking state and local laws before making a purchase.