BDPD Says To Call Law Enforcement If You See A Pet In A Hot Car

(Beaver Dam)  With rising temperatures in the forecast, the Beaver Dam Police Department are reminding residents that it is a bad idea to leave your pets alone in a hot car for any length of time.  Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson says that they get calls about animals being mistreated year round, but they see an uptick in these calls in the summer. Often from concerned citizens who happen to witness animals trapped in cars at local retail establishments such as Fleet Farm or Walmart. 

Johnson says if you see a pet trapped in a vehicle, it is best not to take matters into your own hands, and he advises you don’t break the vehicles windows. This creates liability issues, and can complicate the incident.  Instead the sergeant says it is better to call it in and let an available officer handle the situation. 

Johnson adds that it is a good idea to ensure your pets have an ample supply of water, food, and are in a place where extreme temperatures won’t harm them, and advises the public to alert local law enforcement if they believe that an animal is being mistreated in any way.