BDPD Say They ‘Aggressively Enforce’ Retail Theft

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department say contrary to popular belief they “aggressively enforce” retail theft. Since the end of October, the agency has responded to over 65 retail theft complaints at various retailers across the city.

Depending on the circumstances, law enforcement say penalties can range from a citation to jail time. Officials with the Beaver Dam Police Department say they will continue to work with their partners at various retail stores in the city to identify and prosecute anyone stealing merchandise from any store that wishes to press charges.

They add that stealing, whether it be from a store or a person creates an environment of distrust in the community. Officials note that trust is a cornerstone to any functioning society and provides a sense of community.

They ask the public to remember as petty as taking a few things from a store may seem, to please think twice.