BDPD Receives Donation For Project Lifesaver Program

12/16/17 – The Dementia Concerns Coalition presented a check for $5000 to the Beaver Dam Police Department for their Project Lifesaver program.  Project Lifesaver is a program which offers peace of mind to those who has a family member with a tendency to wander due to cognitive conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, and down syndrome. A small radio transmitter similar to a wristwatch is used to track the participants. The program boasts a 100-percent success rate worldwide in safely locating any person on the program, with 3,347 safely rescued.  The Coalition has been partnering with the Dodge County Sherriff’s Department for their Project Lifesaver Program for the past two years and officials with the non-profit say they are pleased to be partnering with Beaver Dam Police as they begin the program. The coalition can be found on Facebook under the name Dementia Concerns Coalition of Dodge County.  More information about Project Lifesaver can be found at Project Lifesaver International