BDPD: ‘Month of Violent Crimes Not Random Acts’

8/8/11 – An armed robbery, the assault of a teenager by a gang of knife-wielding thugs and, most-recently, a violent pistol-whipping on Madison Street… all in the span of one month; should this be a cause of concern for residents in an otherwise quiet city? Not according to Beaver Dam Police Detective Ryan Klavekoske who told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment they were all isolated incidents and not random acts of violence. He says the gang-style beating after Lake Days and the pistol-whipping on Madison Street last week were both incidents that targeted a specific victim and were not at all similar to the rampage seen at the Wisconsin State Fair last week. Meanwhile, Klavekoske says he is confident there will be a successful resolution to the robbery at the Shell Travel Mart on Park Avenue from July 13. Klavekoske says they have “significant” pieces of evidence at the State Crime Lab and he says they continue to follow-up on leads.