BDPD Encouraging Public To Lock Their Car Doors

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is encouraging the public to keep their vehicles locked to keep criminals from riffing through them and finding valuables. Sgt Jeremiah Johnson says two juveniles went on a car shopping spree in the city earlier this month. The first call was reported on Madison Street after capturing the teens on a doorbell camera trying door handlesThe minors did not get away with anything in that incident, but police started keeping an eye out and were shortly called out to Rosendale Street where the suspects had entered an unlocked garage and stole loose change. In a third incident that night, a property owner confronted the teens after capturing them on camera trying door handles on Mill Street. Johnson encourages the public to always call the police first noting that the suspects were hostile when confronted, though nothing escalated to the level of physical behavior. In addition, he says if you scare the criminal off, there is a greater chance that they would come back than if you call police. One of the suspects in these cases was apprehended the next day.