BDPD Discusses 2016 Stats On WBEV

4/10/17 – The Beaver Dam Police Department recently released their annual report which details arrest statics and other notable numbers from the past year. The stats show that drug arrests at a five-year high. There were 21 people arrested last year for selling cocaine and heroin while possession arrests for the same drugs were at 18. There were 66 municipal citations for possession of marijuana written. Beaver Dam Police Sgt. Erik Smedema told us on WBEV’s Community Comment Friday that citations carry lighter penalties than criminal arrests but when it comes to marijuana, the police often use their own discretion. If someone has a prior conviction for marijuana, the criminal charge for a second offense would be a felony in circuit court. However, if handled in municipal court, the second offense would be a citation with a $2300 penalty that goes to the city. There were 116 OWI arrests in 2016. Smedema says officers are being proactive and the high number shows that there are a lot of people out there driving intoxicated. A few other notable statistics; traffic tickets went up $10,000-dollars to around $30-thousand dollars. The most dangerous intersection was North Spring Street and Industrial Drive with 12 accidents. Finally, of the 421 total accidents in the city last year, 16 were alcohol related.