BDPD Discuss Marijuana Possession Penalties

(Beaver Dam) With neighboring states legalizing marijuana, the Beaver Dam Police Department is reminding citizens that the drug is still illegal in Wisconsin. Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson discussed the matter during a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment. He says even if a person purchases the drug legally from another state, they cannot possess the drug within the borders of Wisconsin.

Johnson says if a person is caught with the drug, fines can vary depending upon the number of prior offenses. He says a first offense involving a cooperative suspect will likely end with a citation or a ticket which could cost around $13-hundred dollars. Second offenses can double the ticket amount and, depending on police discretion and how much of the drug a suspect is possessing, can lead to a misdemeanor or a felony charge. He says charges can increase in severity if a person is growing marijuana or they intend to sell it.

Johnson says if a person from Wisconsin wants to buy marijuana in Illinois or Michigan do so legally and if they want state law to change, he recommends writing your state representative