BDPD Charities Raises Nearly $5K For Victims Of Waukesha Tragedy

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Charities, Inc. has raised nearly $5,000 for the victims of the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy. The organization announced that they have received $2,755 in donations through Tuesday. The Beaver Dam Police Charities as well as the Beaver Dam Professional Firefighter Charities are contributing a $2,000 match bringing the total to $4,755. The Crystal Creek Riders House Club has also donated $727 to the cause. All monies collected will be sent to the United for Waukesha Fund which was set up to support those affected. Donations will continue to be collected through December 5th at the Beaver Dam Police Station located on 123 Park Avenue any time. The Beaver Dam Police Charities will also accept donations at Saturday’s city-wide Christmas drive-through from 9am to 11 at the station. There is also an option to donate online through American Bank. Click HERE to access the online donation page.


Photo courtesy of the Beaver Dam Police Department Facebook page