BDPD, BDFD Hold Joint Training At Lincoln Elementary

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Department’s held a joint training Monday to better prepare themselves for an emergency situation at a school district facility. The exercise was at Lincoln Elementary and utilized numerous fire and police department vehicles.

During a recent Community Comment, Police Lieutenant Jeremiah Johnson explained the training’s purpose. He says they rotate through each district building when they conduct a training to better familiarize themselves with its layout, the people on staff, and different scenarios that can happen. Johnson says it’s a major training that involves the teachers, other staff members, and citizen members who act as role players.

School Liaison Officer Tony Karel says he and other resource officers are able to take what they learned during the training and share that information with district staff. He says that can include better ways to handle lockdown situations or administrative holds.

Johnson says Karel and the two other school liaison officers, Matthew Edwards and Andy Strachota, are the first line of defense if a crisis occurs. He says not only are they a deterrent but are the ones who will stop a threat the soonest. Karel says he is ready to step up and stop any potential threat, adding that (quote) “that’s what they put me here to do.”

In addition to yesterday’s exercise, the police department sends select firearms and defense and arrest tactics instructors to active shooter trainings on a regular basis.