BDPD Assesses Demerit Points To Business For Selling Alcohol To Minors

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Police Department is assessing demerit points against a liquor retailer for repeatedly selling alcohol to underage patrons. Under the city’s Demerit Point Ordinance, establishments that accumulate 200 points in a rolling 18-month period could have their license suspended or revoked. Chief John Kreuziger is assessing 450 demerit points against the Exxon Mobile at 1516 North Spring Street. Kreuziger told city officials last month that he has received multiple complaints from the community about alcohol sales to underage patrons at the business and detailed five illegal sales in a five-week span. On May 15, officers reportedly witnessed juveniles exiting the Exxon with alcohol, conducted a stop and issued the teen’s citations. When officers returned to the Exxon to cite the clerk, they witnessed another apparent sale. Each incident resulted in 150 demerit points. Another 150 points was issued for refusing to cooperate with law enforcement. Kreuziger told city officials last month that the owner has not been helpful with releasing video footage. The points will be reviewed by the city’s Administrative Committee which would decide if there is reason to move forward with a hearing on a possible suspension or revocation of Exxon’s liquor license.