BDLIA Updates Lake District Signature Count At Annual Meeting

(Juneau) The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association discussed their efforts to form of a lake district around Beaver Dam Lake at their annual meeting on Saturday. The taxing jurisdiction would raise revenue from waterfront property owners to address issues ranging from shoreline erosion to water quality. Association President Bill Boettge says there has been a lot of time spent asking businesses to support the lake which is difficult when lakefront property owners do not contribute. There was one speaker in opposition to the Lake District. Dan Keyes of the Town of Westford called it another level of politics on something that has already been successful. Boettge says the district would, among other things, greatly improve the lake’s chances of receiving DNR funding. He says people seem to think that the lake is going to exist by itself and noted changes in the past ten years of where people had been able to fish that are no longer available. Boettge told those at the meeting that the association is around 200 signatures shy of the 775 signatures needed to form the district. There are 1490 shoreline residents and a 51-percent approval rate is required.  There is no deadline and the signatures are good for a couple years; the group is working from landowner names on the 2017 tax roll. He says they hope to have the signatures assembled by fall with hopes of having their first organizational meeting by the spring or summer. More information is available at