BDLIA Talks Lake Levels

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association broke down the importance of lake levels during their recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment. The city’s Operations Committee began the process earlier in January by authorizing officials to work with the state Department of Natural Resources to reopen and amend what is called the “water level order.” Association President Bill Beottge explains the potential changes. He says the two main issues are changing the lowering of the lake to the fall, rather than in the spring months, which would bring Beaver Dam in-line with other waterfront communities in the state. The second change would drop the water level two more inches in the winter and then raise it by two more inches in the summer which Boettge says will have a positive effect on the shoreline, the aquatic life, and navigation of the river. He says addressing the water levels can prevent another fish kill that occurred when the dam was adjusted for a street project last year. Beottge says the main cause was a lack of water flow through the river and was compounded by the Cooper Street project. He says the current dam order states that the water level can be dropped down to three-cubic-feet per second which does not allow enough water for fish. Boettge says changing the water levels in the summer months, two-and-a-quarter-inch higher allows for greater flow which can sustain the fish. The Beaver Dam Common Council will vote on a resolution to amend the water level order on Monday. Beottge says if approved, the DNR may hold a public hearing on the matter.

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