BDLIA Collects Enough Signatures To Form Lake District

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association has collected enough signatures to form a lake district around Beaver Dam Lake. The announcement was made Saturday morning at the association’s membership meeting.

The taxing jurisdiction would raise revenue from waterfront property owners to address issues ranging from shoreline erosion to water quality. Revenue would be generated based on either assessed value or an equal division of the number of properties. Those who live inside the lake district would approve or disapprove budgets set by commissioners.

Association President Bill Boettge says the district would, among other things, greatly improve the lake’s chances of receiving DNR grant funding.

There are 1384 shoreline property owners representing roughly 800 properties and a 51-percent approval rate, or 706 signatures, were needed to form the district. The association collected 730 signatures.

The next step in the process for the association is to petition the county to form the district, triggering a hearing within 30 days.