BDHS Powerlifting Competes At Laconia Regional


Beaver Dam Powerlifting

Girls Raw JV
       Kylin Reynolds – Eastlick 1st
       Chloe Kasuboski 2nd
       Sarah Saylor 2nd
       Alyssa Walsh 2nd

Boys Raw JV – 1st Team
        Gemini Woodke – Dryer 1st
       Caleb Clapper 2nd
       Jerek Westover 3rd
        Tim Milan 3rd
        Dominic Hegge 3rd
        William Smith 1st
        Elijah Gensmer 2nd

Girls Raw Varsity
       Ella Schweiger 3rd
       Cielo Martinez 2nd
        Lillian Liston 1st

State Qualifiers
       Geino Woodke – Dryer
       Brianna Meyer
       Ella Schweiger
       Aubrey Lehman
       Cielo Martinez
       Avery Priewe
       Lillian Lisko
       Easton Abel
       Brandon Esser

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