BDHS Ag Students Will See Sweeping Changes

8/5/17 – Agriculture students at Beaver Dam High School will see immediate benefits this coming semester from sweeping changes being made on campus as part of the referendum recently approved by voters. Classrooms will be ready for use by the time school starts for students in the Ag program at Beaver Dam High School. The new agriculture suite will offer aquaponics along with large and small animal classrooms, connecting to the recently renovated science wing and greenhouse. School Board Member Joanne Tyjeski weighed in on the importance of the program during a tour of the campus earlier this week. Tyjeski says the ag suite has been the “most under-talked about part of the whole plan. She says the potential for ag students is huge and to be able to offer the program and watch it development will be great. Senior Project Manager Michael Dietrich with general contractor CG Schmidt says the Agriculture suite is the only new set of classrooms that will be ready by this fall. He says a lot of the current high school has been torn up but not replaced; the ag suite will be the first one completed. Finishing work will still need to be completed in the ag space when school starts. Dietrich says crews are working into the night at off hours to get ahead of the game.  Dietrich says they are working as hard as they can to get ahead of the game before school starts. He says there will need to be a lot of demolition and construction completed in a short amount of time next year because “pretty much the entire west side of the building will need to be done.”