BDFD Wants to Convert Old Vehicles For Modern Use

9/5/12 – The Beaver Dam Police and Fire Commission last night heard a plan from Fire Chief Alan Mannel to stock his garage with important safety vehicles without spending a lot of money. Mannel has been trying for the last couple years to find room in the budget for a brand-new SUV for use as an Incident Support Vehicle, also known as Command Central during an emergency. His new plan would be to use the most recently-retired ambulance. Rather than selling it, he proposes to use it as a command post for small to medium sized incidents. The upgraded vehicle would house disaster and relief equipment, traffic and crowd control equipment, dive support, a shelter and warming area and also allow for towing. Mannel says the department also needs an enclosed, pull-behind trailer to transport emergency equipment. The $10,000 cost of the trailer will be offset by selling a 1979 Dive Truck at sealed bid with the low bid based on the Dive Truck’s scrap metal value. If there are no bidders, Mannel says the unit would be sold to a scrap company. Also as part of the plan to raise money for vehicle upgrades, Mannel proposes to sell a 1977 Fire Engine Pumper Truck at a price to be determined later. The commission last night gave Mannel the green light to detail the proposed vehicle usage changes when he prepares his department’s upcoming 2013 budget.