BDFD Recap Multi-Jurisdictional Training Exercise

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Fire Department recently conducted a multi-jurisdictional training exercise involving other local agencies. The training session, which ran for about two hours at 116 Lakecrest Drive in the city, covered a mutual aid response to a target hazard, specifically regarding a large fire simulation in a multifamily residential building.  

Captain Corey Braunschweig coordinated the exercise. 

“The goal was to get a lot of departments together…we try to do these more often than we can but as fire departments…we don’t really get a lot of time to work with each other expect for the few opportunities we may get a house fire and we see them for a couple of hours and then they’re gone and we don’t really talk to them for a while,” says Braunschweig. “This gave us the opportunity to hook up with a lot of our neighbors because they last time we did this…it was years ago.” 

Braunschweig says training exercises like these also offer the opportunity to network and better work on communication between different departments. More information on the Beaver Dam Fire Department and their training is available HERE