BDFD Looking For Paid-On-Call Help

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Fire Department is looking for part-time help. The station is split between paid-on-call staff who respond to a fire if it is within city limits and full-time staff who work a 24-hour shift followed by two-days off. In 2020, voters approved a binding referendum to fund a half dozen new full-time positions for the station. The hiring’s were the conclusion of a staffing study that highlighted the need for more support to be able to handle increasing call volume. However, part-time help is currently down about half of the ideal level with 16 on staff. Nick Smith is paid-on-call with the Beaver Dam Fire Department, he says there used to be 30 paid-on-call firefighters at the department.

Paid-on-call Firefighter Brad Modaff explains one of their most important roles at the station. He says they help back-fill the department when full-time firefighters are out on a fire call or ambulance call.

Smith says part-time or volunteer help plays a significant role in the firefighting industry. He says fire service has over 70-percent volunteers nationwide with most career firefighters coming through the volunteer ranks. Smith adds that it is the backbone of the fire service.

Many paid-on-call firefighters have full-time jobs elsewhere and require a commitment from their employers to be able to leave work to respond to a call. Both Smith and Modaff note that many area businesses are willing to work with those who have an interest in this role. To be eligible for a part-time position you must be 18-years-old and live within 15-miles of the Beaver Dam Fire District.

For applications visit the Beaver Dam Fire Department Facebook page at or the Beaver Dam Fire Department Paid on Call Facebook page at, the city of Beaver Dam website at, or they can be picked up in person at the fire station at 205 South Lincoln Avenue.