BDFD Chief Recognized By Center For Public Safety Excellence

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam fire chief was recently recognized for his efforts to continue his career development. Michael Wesle was re-designated as a fire officer by the Center for Public safety Excellence. The Center utilizes a professional designation model that recognizes career excellence and offers strategies for continuous personal improvement.

Wesle says designation requires a candidate meet several standards that cover the span of an officer’s experience.

“They make you demonstrate your competencies whether that’s in training…technical training…education…different numbers of other categories such as community service and contributions to the fire service as a whole,” says Wesle. “The idea is that it will help you develop into a more well-rounded fire officer. [The Center for Public safety Excellence] likes to use the term holistic approach and it’s something that I have found very valuable in my professional development.”

Wesle says the credentialing process opens doors and can teach those who participate diversity, equity, and inclusion. He adds that earning this designation shows the community that he is serious about his professional development.

“And I want to provide a service and this is something that can represent that…that I’m committed to continually improving and that I’m committed to the community,” says Wesle. “It’s something that’s out there and that’s a little more official…than other straight certification or even getting yourself further education. This is a credentialing process that is nationwide, it’s actually international.”

The chief says it can also set an example for other members of his department.

“It also can provide them with a goal or a set of goals to work towards…to see that I’m doing that and hopefully encourages them to explore the option of credentialing and furthering your education…and taking on additional trainings and exploring what other opportunities are out there for them.”

Wesle received his initial designation in 2020 and is one of 3,169 credential officers in the United States. The designation is valid for three years and candidates must display continuous development to earn re-designation.