BDCH Earns CPR Designation

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Community Hospital recently received a Best Practices Award from the American Heart Association for its commitment to performing high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR as part of the AHA’s Resuscitation Quality Improvement program.  BDCH implemented the RQI process for CPR in early 2017, which uses a combination of quarterly online learning modules, patient simulation cases and a mobile skills station to help providers maintain competence in Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. The stations are equipped with adult and infant mannequins and a tablet computer that connects to the training material. Visual and audio feedback for compressions and ventilation monitor the quality of performance and provides reinforcement or suggestions for improvement.

Beaver Dam Community Hospitals, Inc. President and CEO, Kim Miller, says “Staff members are committed to delivering the best patient experience and highest quality of care and safety close to home.”  Saying, “We are proud of the dedication they have shown to our patients by participating in ongoing training and

certification as part of the RQI program.” Currently the Beaver Dam Community Hospital has 512 staff members certified who will use the RQI process for maintenance of competency in Basic Life Support or Advanced Cardiac Life Support, with 87 individuals currently completing their Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification using the RQI cart.

The American Heart Association’s RQI Program is designed to improve CPR quality by providing quarterly training, assessment and analytics to support mastery of high-quality CPR skills, with a goal of sustaining high quality CPR and improve patient outcomes.  Since the implementation the RQI process the percentage of healthcare providers performing excellent CPR has more than doubled from 26% to 65% nationwide.