BDACT One Voice Children’s Chorus Concert Is Sunday

(Beaver Dam) The One Voice Children’s Chorus will be having concert Sunday, March 5th at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater at 2pm. The show is titled “A Celebration of Music,” and director Judy Heffron says the performance includes a song titled “Notes Are Necessary.”

“It talks about music being a language,” says Heffron. “If you learn that language, you always have it and ,you know, it’s very helpful when you’re looking at music.

Heffron says that during the song, the students will be showing signs and symbols of what they need to know when performing music.

The One Voice Children’s Choir concert, “A Celebration of Music” starts at 2pm in the Kamps Auditorium at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theater. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for youth 12 and under. A link to purchase them on the theater’s website can be found HERE.