BDACT ‘Lombardi’ Director A Cowboy’s Fan

The Markesan-Native To Shave Packers Logo Into Scalp With Dallas Loss

10/6/17 – WBEV-WXRO News and Sports Reporter Kevin Haugen is going to shave a Dallas Cowboys logo into his head next week if the Packers lose to Dallas on Sunday. Haugen, who co-hosts Green & Gold This Week, entered into a bet during yesterday’s broadcast with Cowboys analyst Rick Ramirez whereupon the loser will shave the logo of the winning team into their scalp. Ramirez, a die-hard Cowboys fan and Markesan-native, was on Green & Gold This Week to promote his production of Lombardi at the Beaver Dam Area Community Theatre. The play about the life of the Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi opens next Friday. The loser on Sunday will shave their head next week, either right before opening night, or right before the next Green & Gold This Week program. But what if there is a tie? In the unlikely event that events transpire as such, co-host Jesse Nelson volunteered to shave his head with the logos of both teams.