BD Woman Jailed After Child Films Sex Act

7/22/11 – A Beaver Dam woman was sentenced to three months in jail Thursday for exposing a minor to sexual activity. A jury convicted Nicole A. Smith in May on the felony charge, along with misdemeanor bail jumping. A high school-age child used a cell phone to film the 36-year-old and another man engaging in sex on Thanksgiving Day. The cell phone was found at school and was taken as evidence. Smith told investigators the incident was a practical joke that got blown of out of proportion. As part of the conditions of bond in a separate case, Smith had been prohibited from having contact with the man who was with her in the video. The same man also allegedly visited her in jail on four separate occasions following a December OWI conviction. As a result, she had four felony bail jumping charges filed against her for allegedly violating that order. She has court activity on the calendar Friday related to the newest bail jumping charges.