The Beaver Dam Wildfire held their 10U and 14U welcomed seven other girls youth hockey teams to the area for the Fire On Ice girls tournament this weekend.   The 14U brought home the championship while the 10U were runners up.

Here are the Wildfire results….

10U Event

10U Wildfire 6 Shaw 2

-BD Goals: Alanna Hanni 3, Zoe Ruis 2

-BD Assists:  Piper Johnson

-BD Saves: Shelby Stone 7

10U Wildfire 2 Green Bay 1

-BD Goals:  Maggie Loeffelholz, Alanna Hanni

-BD Assists: Skyler Mueller

-BD Saves: Shelby Stone 8

10U Wildfire 6 Fox River Freeze 4

-BD Goals: Zoey Ruis 3, Alanna Hanni 2, Charlee Nelson

-BD Assists: Alanna Hanni, Zoey Ruis, Skyler Mueller

-BD Saves: Shelby Stone 5


Green Bay 7 10U Wildfire 1

-BD Goal: Alanna Hanni

-BD Saves: Shelby Stone 6

14U Event

14U Wildfire 5 WVC Eagles 3

-BD Goals: Lilian Mansueto 3, Penelope Loeffelhoz 1, Brenna Rhodes 1

-BD Assists: Emersen Damon 2

-BD Saves: Dot Baker 15

14U Wildfire 7 Janesville 0

-BD Goals: Lillian Mansueto 2, Brenna Rhodes 2, 2, Emersen Damon 2, Penelope Loeffelholz 1

-BD Assists: Lydia Schroeder, Lilian Mansueto, Brenna Rhodes, Emersen Damon, Penelope Loeffelholz

-BD Saves: Dot Baker 5


14U Wildfire 4 WVC Eagles 1

-BD Goals: Lilian Mansueto 2, Emersen Damon 1, Penlope Loeffelholz 1

-BD Assists: Emersen Damon, Lilian Mansueto, Brooke Strachota, Kamryn Albert

-BD Saves: Dot Baker 12

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