BD Trap Team 5th At State

On June 25, 26, and 27th the Beaver Dam Trap Team took part in the WI SCTP State Trap Tournament.  The team competed in American Trap, Handicap, and Doubles.  The Varsity team took 5th place overall in American Trap with a score of 487/500, finishing 4 birds away from 1st place.  The top 5 scores for the Varsity squad were:


Carraigh Monien-98

Gavin Wright-98

Gavin Braun-98

Riley Yaroch-97

Logan Denman-96


In the handicap competition, Beaver Dam finished in 4th place with a score of 456/500, 7 birds short of the top slot.  The top 5 handicap scores were:


Ashley Blatz-96

Gavin Wright-92

Ben Brault-90

Logan Denman-89

Preston Lund-89


Beaver Dam took 2nd place in the doubles event, breaking 456/500 targets.  The top 5 doubles scores were:


Logan Denman-96

Logan Lund-92

Brandon Walsh-91

Gavin Wright-90

Ethan Miller-87


The Beaver Dam team also won several individual awards.


Preston Lund

3rd place rookie mens doubles

1st place rookie mens handicap

4th place rookie mens trap

1st place rookie mens overall trap


Alexander Radichel

3rd place I/E mens doubles


Ben Brault

3rd place I/A mens trap


Gabby Wright

1st place JV ladies handicap

5th place JV ladies trap


Logan Denman

1st place varsity mens doubles


Ashley Blatz

1st place varsity ladies handicap


Jerry Queisser

1st place Coaches Challenge


Next up for members of the Beaver Dam Trap Team is the SCTP National Tournament in Marengo, OH July 11-17.


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