BD Man Sentenced On Heroin Dealing Charges

7/21/11 – A Beaver Dam man was sentenced Wednesday to 13 years in prison for selling drugs. Gino Montoya was arrested two years ago after a search of his house turned up heroin, cocaine and marijuana. The 35-year-old Montoya entered a “no contest” plea in May to charges of Drug Possession with Intent to Deliver. During the course of that plea hearing, an uncharged case was referenced. According to court records, that case could result in charges of Reckless Homicide Causing Death, though no formal charges have been filed. Under the Len Bias Law, a person who supplies drugs that result in an overdose death could be held liable. Dodge County District Attorney Kurt Klomberg tells us that he is “not commenting at this time on any other charges that may potentially be related to this case.” In addition to 13 years in prison for selling drugs, Montoya was ordered to serve 10 years of extended supervision. Montoya has been in prison since his arrest in May of 2009 and is requesting credit for time served. Klomberg says he is due none but the matter will be decided by a judge as early as next month.