BD Boys Energized For Spring Soccer Season

The Beaver Dam boys soccer team is excited to get a chance to compete during the alternate fall season this spring.    The spring program has just over 40 players competing, which will allow them to field a Varsity and JV1 squad.

The Golden Beavers return five players, including three starters from last year’s team that went 12-9 overall and 2-5 in the Badger North.  Ian Conlin, Justin Mangan and Alexis Rangel all started while Ethan Haucke and Will Kaufmann are also back.

Head Coach Dave Elgersma is appreciative to have a chance to play this spring and he’s really happy his senior class will get some closure on their career.

“(I’m glad) To be able to give those guys the opportunity (to play) because every single one of those guys but one are four year players.” Elgersma told “For them to have an opportunity to play their senior year and do something.  Even thought its only 10 or 11 games, whatever it is, they get that opportunity to go out and we can give them some good recognition for what they have done.”

Elgersma adds that along with honoring his seniors this season, he also wants to give his younger players a chance to develop.

“I’ve been very clear with the players.  There is two things I want to get out of this season. Recognize the seasons, give them their opportunity to play and go out playing the game.” Elgersma said.  “And the 2nd is, we are five months away from starting in the fall and it’s preparing for the fall.  Let’s recognize our seniors and get ready for the fall.”

For Elgersma its his 9th season has head coach at Beaver Dam.  He initially had decided to step down after the 2019 season but when he decided to retire from John Deere and the position hadn’t been filed yet, he says that he asked Athletic Director Melissa Gehring if he could return to the bench.

“We’re all excited. They really are.  They really appreciate it.” Elgersma said.   “Everyone has been working hard and no one has been complaining about anything.  They are happy to be on the field playing.”

The Beavers dropped their opener to Stoughton 1-0 on Tuesday night.


BDHS Varsity Roster Spring Soccer Roster  2021

Click the link to listen to a full interview with Coach Dave Elgersma


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