BD Boys Hoops Coach Tim Ladron Approves Of Computer Seeding Playoffs

The WIAA Board of Controls approved computer seeding for the boys and girls basketball playoffs at their Wednesday meeting and Beaver Dam head boys basketball coach Tim Ladron thinks it’s the right move.   Ladron tells that computers seeding the playoff matchups will eliminate the politics that have crept their way into coaches seeding meetings over the years.  Ladron says many times during those meetings, coaches would vote teams not on their merit, but rather how their placement would best benefit their own team.  He adds that many times coaches from the same conference would reward each other with better seeds even though a school from another league may be a stronger team.

The BD coach says he’s waiting to see what the official formula for seeding is but thinks will be more than just team records.  He expects the formula will probably measure not just who a team beats, but also opponent’s strength of schedule and opponents-opponents strength of schedule.   He feels right now this is the fairest way to seed the tournament.  He says seeding meetings worked for a long time, and they were better than the WIAA just bracketing the tournament in October like they did for many years, but now is the right time to change.

He says he doesn’t see the seeds changing all that much with the computers taking over.   The WIAA wants to implement the computer seedings for the upcoming 2020-21 season or the 2021-22 season at the latest.   The high school football playoff pairings will be computer seeded for the first time this fall.

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