BD Admin Chair Weighs In On Mayoral Transition

4/17/17 – The Beaver Dam Common Council’s acting council president anticipates a smooth transition for the city as a new mayor is seated. Ward Ten Alderman Don Neuert is an 11-year veteran of the council. He also chairs the city’s Administrative Committee, working on budgeting and setting capital improvement projects. In recent years, he says outgoing Mayor Tom Kennedy did an excellent job presenting the full council with a budget that had very little red ink because of all the work he did behind the scenes. Neuert says the council president and committee chairs may have more involvement in the budget process this year as Mayor-Elect Rebecca Glewen gets acclimated to the process. He says it is simply best practice to have preliminary discussions with the new mayor and department heads to ensure that only priorities are presented to the full council at budget time.


The Beaver Dam Common Council has been acting under a self-imposed borrowing limit of $1.6-million dollars for the past several years, that covers everything from roads to mayor equipment purchases and infrastructure improvements. Neuert told us Friday on WBEV’s Community Comment that he sees the value in adjusting borrowing limits but does not foresee it changing in the near future. He says the cap gave the council an opportunity to look at what is being borrowed as a priority while finding balance with the overall budget – everything from capital project to personnel. Neuert says he will recommend to the new mayor that the borrowing cap be kept in place until there is a clearer picture of the city’s financial situation.


Neuert will be acting mayor at tonight’s Beaver Dam Common Council meeting in the absence of Kennedy – who has a previous obligation – and former Council President Jon Litscher who recently moved out of the county. When the Beaver Dam Common Council holds its reorganizational meeting tomorrow, Neuert says he will throw his hat in the ring in an attempt to succeed Litscher as council president.