Auxiliary Provides Support To Beaver Dam Police and Fire

(Beaver Dam) Local first responders have a new resource that provides support while they handle emergency situations. The Beaver Dam Auxiliary aids firefighters and police officers as they perform their duties to protect the citizens of Beaver Dam and the surrounding communities.

Fire Chief Alan Mannel says the group is comprised of roughly 25 members who are the spouses or partners of current/retired Beaver Dam police officers and firefighters as well as alumni of the Citizens Police Academy. Mannel says recent large-scale incidents including recent apartment fires and the Knaup Drive explosion have sparked the need for an auxiliary group.

The Auxiliary responds with supplies based on the severity of the incident which is categorized into three different tiers. The first tier includes only water while tier two would add nourishment needs based on the length of the incident while tier three will replenish those supplies. Auxiliary Member Gloria Smith says their group can fill a wide variety of needs for first responders such as bug spray, fans, hand and feet warmers, extra socks and pet supplies.

There are two upcoming fundraising opportunities for the community to support the non-profit and their mission. The first is a family night at Beaver Dam Culver’s on September 16 from 5pm to 8pm. On October 14 from 11am to 11pm, a portion of the proceeds off Benvenuto’s food sales will go directly to the Beaver Dam Auxiliary.