Authorities Busy On Big Green Lake

(Green Lake) The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office was busy on Big Green Lake Wednesday with three separate calls. At 10:18am, authorities were dispatched following reports of scuba divers in trouble. A fishing vessel was trolling when it dropped a rigger weight with a lure, hooking one of the submerged divers. The diver then surfaced too quickly and experienced the “bends.”

Around 3:30pm, a catamaran tipped over and one male passenger was thrown overboard. He was rescued by a pontoon boat and brought to shore.

An hour later, a scuba diver reported that he was under water for about one hour and when he surfaced, his pontoon was gone. A private boat operator picked-up the scuba diver and he was taken to shore. The pontoon was later located on the north shore, driven by high winds.

There were no injuries reported in any of the incidents. Sheriff Mark Podoll says, “things could have been much worse” and noted his appreciation for the community because (quote) “everyone is watching and doesn’t take a pass on getting involved or calling in to the Sheriff’s Office.”

With autumn setting in, activity on lakes and rivers remains high and Podoll reminds users of Green Lake County waterways that preparation, awareness of weather and lake conditions, and good safety practices are key in having a fun and successful outing.