Authorities Arrest Three Following Multi-County Pursuit

8/2/17 – The Wisconsin State Patrol and Columbia County Sheriffs deputies were involved in a multi county high speed chase with a couple stolen cars yesterday. It started just after 3pm in Wisconsin Dells when a Hyundai was stolen by a group from Milwaukee suspected of committing several area thefts. The Hyundai was disabled by a tracking service on Interstate 39-90-94 at State Highway 60 near Lodi. As deputies approached the slowing car, two women jumped out.  As the two were about to be apprehended, a second stole vehicle – a Kia – smashed into the deputies squad car to prevent him from exiting. The driver of the Kia then picked up the driver of the disabled Hyundai and hit the interstate while the passenger from the Hyundai fled on foot. Law enforcement pursued both. The Kia drove down the interstate into Dane County, exited at Highway 51, blew through a stop sign at Hoepker Road and collided with a vehicle in the intersection. The driver of that vehicle and both occupants of the Kia were transported with minor injuries. The suspects in the Kia were cleared at UW Hospital in Madison before being transported to jail. The driver of the allegedly stolen Kia, 17-year-old Lamont Cannady of Milwaukee, is charged with felony Eluding, Operating Without Owners Consent, Reckless Endangerment and Hit and Run of a Law Enforcement Vehicle along with Resisting, and Possession of Stolen Property. The driver of the allegedly stolen Hyundai, who jumped into the Kia, 21-year-old Justice Roby of Milwaukee, is charged with Operating Without Owners Consent, Resisting and Eluding. The passenger in the Hyundai who fled on foot, a 16-year-old girl from Milwaukee, called a third vehicle to pick her up but law enforcement caught up with that third vehicle before they could get her. She was tracked down by police dogs in a cornfield and is facing charges of Knowing A Passenger Is Eluding Police and Resisting Arrest.