Authorities Arrest A Beaver Dam Man Threatening People With A Gun

Authorities made a high risk traffic stop in Randolph Wednesday night that led to the arrest of a 49-year-old Beaver Dam man. Randolph police say they responded to a report of a man who was threatening people with a gun. They say the man was upset after his wife came home intoxicated and with minor cuts to her face. He allegedly called the man who gave here a ride home and threatened to kill him before calling the bar and threatening a bartender. As authorities were taking the complaint the man showed up in a vehicle. Because of the gun threats police initiated a traffic stop with guns drawn. Officials checked the vehicle but didn’t find any weapons. While being put through a field sobriety test the man became combative and started fighting with officers, who then used a Taser gun to get him under control. The man was taken to jail and faces a number of charges.