Audit Recommends Increase In Drug Task Force Staff

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board’s External Audit Committee is close to finishing their review of an operational analysis of the sheriff’s office. Matrix Consulting Group of California was hired to evaluate staffing levels; service contracts such as food, medical and US Marshal Holds as well as budgeting and financial procedures. In August, they presented to their final draft report to the county board, in the months since the external audit committee has been discussing their findings.

Supervisor Joseph Marsik, who is a member of the external audit group, updated the Dodge County’s Executive Committee Tuesday on their progress. He says they recommend three-and-a-half full-time positions for the sheriff’s office drug task force which currently sits at two full-time. They also recommend three to four additional staff members from other local agencies to assist.

Marsik says a majority of their discussions during the most recent external audit committee meeting centered around vehicles. He says their recommendation is to replace ten vehicles a year at 125,000 miles.

The external audit committee is expected to finish their review this month and have it before the county board at their January meeting. Marsik says any operational changes would have final say so from the sheriff while financial matters would be handled by the county board.