Ash and Nikki & Twist

Little Ash holds a title at the DCHS he wishes he did not….”cat who has been in the shelter the longest”. At 184 days, now going into his 7th month with us, Ash just celebrated his 1st birthday on February 1st. This means over half of Ash’s young life has been spent in a cage. He has been overlooked because he has always been a shy boy, probably hiding in his cube if you have come to visit. Ash is together with his almost equally shy buddy, 1 year old Puddy Tat, who has also been with us 5 months. While our outgoing, friendly cats find homes quickly, these little guys need homes just the same. Sometimes it takes an extra special adopter to welcome home a cat that may not be (at first) a cuddly lap cat. But what we have seen very often, is that when a shy cat goes home, they slowly come out of their shell and really blossom! Please consider opening your heart and home to Ash or Puddy Tat (or both!) 

How about adopting your own cheering section for the big Superbowl game! Meet Nikki and Twist! This little bonded pair made the trip from Texas with Lola’s Lucky Day rescue. They are a dynamic duo and are best buddies! Twist (left) is a 2 year old male and Nikki (right) is a 5 year old female, both Miniature Pinschers. Handsome Twist is the outgoing one of the pair. He had quite a story to tell when he was found in a box, abandoned outside the Texas shelter! Nikki is the shy one in the pair, but her buddy Twist really helps her blossom! We are looking for a family who can open their heart and home to this wonderful bonded pair!