Arrest Warrant Issued For Reckless Endangerment Suspect Who Fails In Appear In Court

11/20/17 – An arrest warrant has been issued for a North Dakota man who is accused of crushing a Beaver Dam woman’s foot with his car while stalking his ex-girlfriend. Shawn Kitzke failed to appear in court Monday for his initial appearance and is facing one felony count of Second Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety as well as misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. Prosecutors say Kitzke intentionally ran down the woman, who is the best friend of his ex. The 40-year-old was reportedly tailing his ex-girlfriend last month; first in Milwaukee then at her home in Beaver Dam. Kitzke had his kids with him and the victim had apparently approached him to check on their welfare. That’s when prosecutors say he got into his vehicle, put it into gear, rolled over her foot and drove back home to North Dakota. Kitzke told investigators that he was concerned over his ex-girlfriend’s behavior. He also admitted to being aware that he drove over the victim’s foot but said he was concerned that she was going to take his child.  If convicted, Kitzke faces up to ten years in prison.