Area Vehicle Sales Slump During Covid-19

(Dodge County) Vehicle sales in the region for the first five-months of the year continue to see a decline due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Waterloo-based industry tracking firm Reg-Trak, Dodge County saw 1,280 vehicles sold through last month, 272 fewer by this time last year, for a decrease 17-and-a-half-percent. Car sales in Dodge County dropped by nearly 50-percent from 248 in 2019 to 133 in 2020. Truck sales saw just over 12-percent fewer sales this year with 133 sold. Columbia County sales were down almost 13-percent with 138 less, 931 this year compared to 1069 last year. Car sales were down 34-percent with 96 rolling off dealer lots while truck sales dropped nearly 10-percent at around 830. Jefferson County reported 854 vehicle sales, 316 less than last year’s year-to-date total. Truck sales dropped 22-percent while car sales declined over 47-percent. For the nine-county, south-central Wisconsin region as a whole, vehicle sales were down just over 22-and-a-half-percent. Truck sales topped 12-thousand, a drop of 17-percent, while car sales were down 40-percent with 24-hundred sold.