Dodge County Superintendents Say Decision To Close Schools Is Not Easy

(Columbus) Several schools in the area cancelled classes or had a late start yesterday (Thursday) because of inclement weather. Beaver Dam School Superintendent Mark DiStefano decided to stay the course but says it’s not always an easy decision.
“It really comes down to road safety and our interpretation of where things are at,: he says, “do we have enough time when the snowfall ends for things to get cleared. Temperatures plays into it too, is the salt going to work. And then how is it being diagnosed by the experts.”
DiStefano says if it’s a weather advisory he might be reluctant to alter the schedule but if there is a warning in place he says they are (quote) “usually almost always going to close.”
The Columbus School District had a late start Thursday.
“I’ll be honest, some of the more experienced superintendents said [Thursday] was a tougher call,” says Columbus Superintendent Jacob Flood, “I felt the same way but in the end we felt the two hour delay allowed enough time for the plows to get out.”
Superintendents are in communication with local highway departments and law enforcement officials. Flood told us on WBEV’s Community Comment yesterday that administrators typically start working with the National Weather Service in the days before a weather event right up through the early morning hours when the weather service hosts a webinar.
“We talk to the bus company and also have an email and text thread with other superintendents,” Flood explains, “we try to make the call by 5:30am.”
Flood tells us that when he was a kid, he thought it would be an amazing power to be able to cancel school, but he notes that things are now different now that he actually has that power.